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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don Drumm Studio

So yesterday me and my mom ventured off to Don Drumm Studios and Gallery. Well not really "venture" it was 20 minute drive, but you know what i mean. When i got there i found heaven. Who knew? In Akron? It surprised me too! But OH MY GOSH! You could spend the whole day there and not even see everything and they do have EVERYTHING! I was a kid in a candy store. My mouth was open in awe the whole trip. I couldn't believe it. I found paradise. Not only were Don Drumm's pieces out of this world but other local artists pieces were outstanding. I purchased a few items i am extremely excited about. First i got a necklace its chain is perfect length and it is so unique. It might not as visible but its of some kind of bee/bug.

I also purchased some earrings with a Victorian woman's profile. I forget what that design is called. But any who they are amazing.

I also purchased a Don Drumm bag which i will next year use as a book bag! I am ultra pumped to use it.

If you ever are in the Akron/Northeast Ohio area go check out Don Drumm Studios and Gallery! or check out the website! . Although i have no idea why you would want to come to this area its as boring as a stick but now you have a reason right!? Don Drumm's! Especially if your into gardening. This will be your utopia. Or if your just and art lover like me. This place has it all.

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