Photo From The "Backstage at Galliano" exhibition by Mark Leibowitz

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alexander McQueen's Last Creations

We all know Alexander sadly died (may he rest in peace) his last collection however is extremely lively and beautiful. it has a circus vibe to eat like a ring bearers and such. Complete with sixteen looks this line looked as if it stepped out of a fairytale. Like the white queen witch person of Narnia with the amazing clothes. And yes they are models not mannequins which their stoniness makes them appear to be. maybe there jut so blown away by the beauty of whats on them ? ah aah i don't know but this is just a gorgeous line/photograph. Alexander has defiantly left his legacy.

they are kinda hidden but look at those shoes ! OH MY GOODNESS!!!

i totally believe this line is a blast from the past. i was reading a book on fashion history today (Alexander's name came up a few times) and all these pieces remind me of some of the things i say in the 18th - early 19th century section. no only the fabrics but the style and attention to detail. and the slight gaudiness but in a great way of course ! All i can say is I'm blown away .

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